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Booking Your Appointment

There are several ways to book your appointment with us, whether you wish to come to the clinic or you would prefer us to come to you ......

We are not open all the time as yet and on some days we are all out on home visits.  If we don't answer straight away, please leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can, usually the same day.  When we are not at the practice, the landline is diverted to the mobile, so rest assured we will get your message.

When Can I Be Seen

Different clinics run on different days.  For example on a Monday morning we have a nail care clinic run by an

assistant; on Tuesday we have a Podiatry / Chiropody


Clinical appointments and home visits are available

throughout the week and on weekends.

We will do our best to fit you in on a day and at a time that 

is convenient for you.

How Long Will My Appointment Take

  • Your first visit with the Podiatrist - 30 minutes

  • Most other appointments including nail care, first and follow up - 15 - 20 minutes

  • Nail Surgery - 45 minutes

  • Biomechanical assessment - 30 minutes


  • Insole review and redressings - 10 minutes

The above are standard appointment times, however, your practitioner may book you a longer or even shorter appointment depending on your needs.  You will always be advised if your appointment is likely to be longer or shorter and your practitioner will agree this with you.

Please rest assured that we will ensure each treatment is complete to the full regardless of appointment times, to ensure we give the very best care at every session.

As a result, on rare occasions, the clinic may run a little

late; please bear with us as one day we may need to

spend a little longer with you.


Having a Home Visit

Currently home visits are only available with a Nail Care/Podiatry Assistant for nail cutting.  Following the cancer/chemo, our Podiatrist Amin is yet unable to do home visits.


Nail Care/Podiatry Assistants as well as providing full nail care, will file hard skin, corn etc and may be able to keep you comfortable until we are able to offer Podiatry at home again.

You will be booked into the diary of the clinician that covers your area and make a note of any specific days and times you can or can't do.  The week before or the week of your visit, we call to confirm the day and time your practitioner is likely to be with you; we do our best to accommodate you.  We will also ensure we know how to access your home e.g. if we need to use a key code.

The time given is an approximate and the practitioner may arrive a little later or even earlier, this will all depend on how long visits take before you, traffic conditions etc.  If we are going to be very late or early - we will likely call you and ensure that's ok.

We normally bring everything we need so you don't need to prepare anything specific.  If you can ensure we can access you and your feet, have enough light and there is a chair, stool or similar available for us to use that would be good - if not please don't worry, we will work it out when we get there.


We allow 45 minutes per home visit but some take longer and others are quicker.

Your practitioner will normally book your next visit before they leave.


Paying for Your Treatment

Payment is usually taken after each treatment, however, we are happy to accept payment in advance.  Increasingly we find family members wishing to pay for their loved ones care.  We are happy to take payment in person or over the phone.

We take cash, all credit / debit cards, cheques, direct bank transfers and over the phone card payments.  You can also buy Gift Vouchers for future payments.

Hand written receipts are available on request.


Can't Make My Appointment!

Don't Worry......

As long as you let us know at least the day before we will happily cancel and rearrange your appointment for you.  We need a days notice so we have a chance to fill your slot.  You can ring us on either number and leave a message if there is no answer, text us, email us or even Facebook - Messenger or WhatsApp us.  


If you miss your appointment and haven't let us know, unfortunately there may well be a charge.  Missed Podiatry appointments are usually charged at £24, for nail care appointments in clinic £10 and home visits £18.  These are on discretion of the head of practice and other types of appointments may be charged at higher rates.


To help you remember your appointments, once you are registered with us, we can send you free text message reminders to your phone.  We will give you an appointment card with your appointment on and under special

      circumstances may agree to give you a reminder call.

We Do Our Best To Help Accomodate You - Always!

I Have Special Needs?

No Problem......

Let us know what those are and we will do our utmost to help and accommodate you.

Wheelchair Users - Our clinic is ground floor and all on one level There is sufficient space for most types of wheelchairs and we would even be happy to treat you in your chair. 


Poor Mobility - Can't walk far?  Use walking aids? The bus stop is right outside our clinic or opposite, depending on where you are coming from.  There is free parking right outside or you can just get dropped off outside.  Our staff would be happy to assist you into the clinic.  Once in, the waiting room is right at the front door and the clinic is only a few steps too.

Poor Eyesight / Hard of Hearing - Tell us what will help and we will make appropriate arrangements.

Language Difficulty - We have staff that speak numerous languages e.g. gujarati, hindi etc  We can also use language line.

Bed Bound - We would be happy to treat you in bed.

Basically whatever your difficulty, speak to us and we will do our utmost to help and accomodate you.

Our Goal is Your Comfort and Care!

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