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What We Do...


At Toetal Heeling we provide the total range of assessments and treatments for all foot and lower limb problems.

Our aim is always to find a cure wherever possible.  However, we are happy to provide regular maintenance care to keep you comfortable and pain free if you prefer, or where a permanent solution is not possible.

Most importantly, we will work WITH YOU to find the best solution FOR YOU.


Our Standard Treatments and prices at a glance

All new patients to our practice will be

registered and have some degree of

assessment, this will depend on who you are seeing and what for.


A full treatment includes cutting and filing of toenails and removal of all hard skin and corns.


Many people find it difficult to manage their toenails or prefer for these to be looked after by a professional.  


We can provide a permanent cure for these and other painful

or unsightly nail conditions by removing all or just part of the nail.  


We will conduct a full mechanical

and structural assessment of your 

feet, legs and more; we will assess

the way you walk also. 

This enables us to find out the cause of your pain and problems, so that we can find appropriate treatments. 

If you are Diabetic, we can assess your feet for complications such as numbness and poor circulation.


We provide a wide range of

treatment options for verruca’s.


Our Diabetes Specialist Podiatrist is highly skilled in treating foot ulcers to encourage speedy healing and aftercare.


We can prescribe and make custom

insoles and orthotics to treat your

specific foot condition - whether that is 

to treat e.g heel pain from plantar fasciitis 

or insoles to take pressure away from a corn.

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