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Ever thought of working in a caring field?

At TOeTAL HEeLING, though we are rooted in the field of foot and lower limb care; we pride ourselves for providing much much more.

We really do CARE for our patients and will go the extra mile to help in whichever way we can.

If this is something that appeals to you, we may have a spot for you on our Team.


Podiatry Assistants

We are looking for a

Nail Care/Podiatry Assistant

to join our team.

An assistant practitioner will provide mainly nail care to our patients.  They will cut and file nails, use a drill to thin them as necessary, clear the sides and maintain them to ensure comfort.

They will file or sand (using a drill) any hard skin or corns, apply cream to the feet and may even progress to doing diabetic foot assessments, assisting in minor nail surgery, doing nail surgery re-dressings and more.

Our assistants run their own caseload of patients, mostly elderly, working on their own but under delegation and supervision of our Podiatrist.

Our need is currently for an assistant to mainly do home visits around Leicestershire, provide cover for clinical sessions and depending on demand in future we may add clinical sessions for you.

We estimate a need for approximately 16 hours per week but this can easily increase to full time if you choose.  Your working days and times would be pretty up to you, as long as patients were available for visits (so not starting too early or finishing too late).

Full training (unpaid) will be given, so no experience or specific caring qualifications are necessary, but a background in caring or health would be extremely valuable.  You must however be a caring individual with a good, honest and respectful manner.  Basic English and math's are important and some ability to work with computers, as we are fully electronic with our booking and patient record systems.

Ex- NHS Podiatry Assistants are also welcome.

Pay is currently £13/hour (top of/a little above NHS Band 4).  Home visits are paid at 45 mins per patient or 30 mins per individual treated in the same place.  This allows for travel costs and car usage.


Want to know more or have any questions?

Send us an email/CV and tell us about you and we will get in touch to talk further

Podiatrist / Chiropodist

We are looking for Qualified HELP. 

Following his struggle with cancer/chemo, Our Podiatrist Amin is struggling to do more than a couple of days of clinical work per week and is currently physically unable to do home visits.

Demand for our practice/service is extremely high.

We would therefore like to find a Podiatrist/Chiropodist to join our practice and our team for the future.

We provide assessment/treatment across the full professional spectrum, including nail surgery, biomechanics, bespoke insole/orthotic provision and diabetic footcare.

We need you to be able to do clinical sessions, home visits & provide supervision/ongoing learning for our assistant practitioners.

You must be in it for the long haul as Amin is planning to cut back/retire in 3-4 years and will be looking for you to take over running the practice, at least from a professional standpoint.

Pay will be £25/hour (more than top of NHS Band 7, gross) and when the time comes, we would be happy to negotiate rates to take on the extra responsibilities.


Want to invest in YOUR future?

Send us an email/CV and tell us about you and we will get in touch to talk further

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