Chiropody / Footcare Instruments

We Stock a range of instruments, from nail cutting packs to foot files..

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Products You Can Trust...

At Toetal Heeling we pride ourselves for stocking a full range of

footcare & foot related products, from lotions and potions to instruments, footwear and socks.  In addition, we are sourcing 'aid' products to help those not so able, to better manage everyday tasks such as putting on your socks.

We will only sell products that we have faith in and believe will work, tried and tested.

If we dont have what you need / want, please ask and we will do

our utmost to source at a reasonable price.

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For the treatment of Athletes foot.

For fungal nail infections  please contact us for advice.


Excellent range of creams for moisturisation, hard skin removal  and as a foot warmer - Best Seller!!


Excellent treatment for -

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Heel Pain

  • Arch Pain

  • Tired Feet


Our Price - £8.00

Great range of wide, deep and light footwear; particularly for problem feet.  Good discounts available if ordering via us. Why not check out their website then contact us to order.

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